Create the lifestyle you have earned and turn your home space into a hub of comfort and convenience using Automation and Smart Home technology.

Entertain with ease not having to run around the home to set lights, blinds and music to the perfect ambience. When you leave for work in the morning, press the “Away” button to turn off all the lights, lock doors, arm the security system, set the temperature, lower shades, and power down non-essential devices. Press a ‘Goodnight’ button that will put your house to sleep, turning off all lights and locking all doors. With your phone in hand you have total smart control of your entire house right at your fingertips. If it has a power switch.. We can automate it.

One of the trends that is fast gaining popularity on the Gold Coast is Home Automation. The concept of Home Automation is not new. Such automation facilities like garage door openers or automated thermostats have been in vogue for a long time now. The concept of Whole Home Automation, however, is a technology that can transform any household into a Smart Home. The highlight of this technology is the fact that the entire home’s sub systems can be automated by touch panels and can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your smart phone. Some of the Home Automation systems on the Gold Coast that are extremely popular are security, climate control and lighting.

Home automated security is probably one of the most important benefits of home automation services. The system allows the doors to be locked and unlocked from a distance by using remote controlled features. Furthermore, alarms warn the owner in instances of burglary or fire.

Ensure you contact a qualified and certified company regarding your Home Automation requirements to ensure your lifestyle is made easier and the technology is implemented correctly.


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