Lighting Control


Smart lighting brings elegance, ambience, convenience and energy efficiency to your whole home. Create a comfortable and safe living environment simply and quickly. Push a single button or give a voice command to turn off all the lights in your home or activate a personalised ‘scene’

These days ‘On and Off’ is simply not enough. Live like a superstar and never lift a finger…well OK, but just one! Go beyond simple On/Off control by programming different lighting scenes to suit the occasion. One push of a button and you can change the ambience of the room to levels preset by yours truly. Preset another option to shut everything down at bedtime and another still to shut everything off completely for when you go away. Automated lighting can also be used to make the home appear lived in while you travel by programming lights to come on at certain times of day and night. There are many benefits to a Lighting Control system such as:

  • Centralised control – no more wandering around the house flicking switches.
  • Improved energy efficiency – by easily seeing what is on and switching off areas when not in use.
  • External lighting can be switched off with timers or sensors.
  • Programmed daily routines for night and day – You may want higher light levels for the evening, lower for TV time and even lower for late night visits to the bathroom.  These adjustments can be programmed so you don’t need to think about it.
  • Responsive living – Light and motion sensors can allow your home to respond in the way you want by simply walking into a room.
  • Whole Home integration – Integrate your smart lighting with other systems so lights come on or off when security is armed, disarmed or in alarm, or light up your entry and living areas when you open the garage door.
  • With Voice and App Control you can turn all the lights off from the comfort of your bed… Ahhhhhhhhh


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