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Indoor audio comes in many shapes and scenarios from enhanced audio for your TV watching to full blown Surround Sound systems. There are multiple options available for types of speakers from a simple soundbar to invisible speakers that are heard but not seen.

At Status Technology Systems we work with you to create an audio experience throughout your home that blends seamlessly with your decor whilst being high performance. Every room size and style lends itself to a particular option depending on your audio requirements. Enjoying your favourite music anywhere in your home doesn’t mean enduring unsightly speakers and components. A well-designed system will be visually discrete but aurally outstanding. At Status Technology we like to keep our customers at the forefront of technology to allow them to have access to the latest and greatest products available while still keeping operation simple and stylish.

Flushmount speakers
Flushmount in-ceiling speakers are designed to be almost invisible with their minimalist appearance.  Featuring easily paintable grilles, no bezel or visible mounting flange, flushmount speakers blend in with the décor and can be installed in-ceiling, in-wall, or even behind gyprock and hidden completely out of view…truly invisible.

Wireless speakers
Wireless audio systems allow you to build a multi-room audio system throughout your home zone-by-zone as your budget allows.  A smart speaker system that streams all your favourite music to any room and can consist of different sized speakers, soundbar and subwoofer. Control your music with one simple app, and fill your home with pure, immersive sound.

Custom soundbars
Ultra slim designs, custom lengths and colours, configurable in L/C/R, L/R or centre channel only, to fit the customer’s specific listening needs. Soundbars have come a long way and are a useful product when wires can’t be run or cabinet space is limited. A self-powered soundbar is a great way to enhance the audio for your TV listening pleasure.


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