The Smart Room

The ‘Smart Room’ – 1-Room Solution

Choose 1 room or open-plan area  in your home that you would like us to automate. Think where you would get the most benefit out of our Smart Home technology and we will elevate that room and turn it into a SMART ROOM.

When we are finished you will be able to lounge in your favourite chair and control the room without getting up. Using voice commands you can fire up the TV and bring up Foxtel, dim the lights, turn on the corner lamp and set it to blue, turn off the distant kitchen light and set yourself a timer for when to get up to start dinner. Ahhh…

And how about that sound? And that hi-definition TV? Wow. Grow your Smart Home Life zone-by-zone as you figure out what works for you and what you could live without. If a bit of fun and a whole lot of convenience is what you are seeking then The Smart Room One Zone Solution could be the perfect fit.

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